Order your copy of the 2015 issue of the journal of the Marx Memorial Library & Workers' School. Every issue is packed with comment, reviews, analysis, debate and articles about the theory of Marxism and the history of the British working class and labour movement. 

In this Issue:

EDITORIAL: Marj Mayo outlines the journal’s role in providing Marxist analysis that is accessible and relevant to the trade union and labour movement - with the current edition focusing in particular on new approaches to historical and dialectical materialism

AND Merian Jump, MML’s Archivist examines the challenges facing a Library and Workers School committed to ‘the advancement of education relating to all aspects of the science of Marxism and of the history of Socialism and the working class movement’.

Alex Gordon:  Some Developments in 2014-15 - A politico-economic review of developments in Britain and Europe in face of the continuing capitalist crisis

Pauline Bryan: The National Question in Britain - An assessment of current constitutional options, including federalism and English regionalism, against the background of the wider resurgence of nationalism across Europe

Alan Mackinnon: ‘Bypassing the Choke Points of World Trade’ - A review of current US strategies for the containment of China and of Chinese responses

Mary Davis: Claudia Jones - Reviewing the work of a pioneer feminist, anti-racist and Communist on the hundredth anniversary of the her birth

Yuri Emelyanov:  The 2015 Marx Oration - Delivered at Marx’s Graveside to mark the seventieth anniversary of the defeat of fascism

Martin Rowson: ‘Charlie Hebdo’ - “This universal capacity to use mockery as a form of social control is one of the main things that make us human.  Crucially it’s also in defiance of the primary need of the powerful to be taken seriously..”

Harsev Bains: The International Working Men’s Association 1864 - A celebration of the 150th anniversary of the International Working Men’s Association drawing on the documents of the time, particularly those written by Marx, to demonstrate the continuing relevance of the IWMA’s objectives.

Pete Caldwell and Peter Templeton: Political Education and the WEA - A review of the changing and complex relationship between Workers Education Association and, respectively, government and the trade union and labour movement from its foundation in 1909 to the present.

Malcolm Chase: Chartism, Democracy and Marx and Engels - An analysis of the achievements of the Chartist movement ‘as the first mass working class party’ in light of the contemporary assessments of Marx and Engels

John Hendy QC: The Right to Strike: A Lawyer’s View - An argument for the importance of the law in defending workers’ rights and an assessment of current legislation at national and international level defending the right to strike

Leo Impett: Vygotsky and Marxist Artificial Intelligence - A survey of the increasing use of Vygotsky’s Activity Theory in research on artificial intelligence and in particular for the  Big Data ‘matching’ of social complexity.

Jonathan Michie: Economic Theory and Policy - A critique of current neo-liberal economics as being fatally detached from the complexity of social change and a call for a return to the wider assumptions of political economy as developed by Smith, Marx and Keynes.

Jonathan White: Ilyenkov and Dialectical Materialism - An evaluation of the Soviet Marxist Evald Ilyenkov and in particular his work in reconstructing the way Marx used dialectical method in writing Capital 


John Ellison: The Polemical Essays of E.P. Thompson - Argues that Thompson revived the tradition of socialist humanism within Marxism – drawing especially on Thompson’s polemic against the falsely ‘scientific’ approaches of Althusser and Kolakowski.

Chik Collins: Language and Discourse -A review of publications in Critical Linguistics and Critical Discourse Analysis which counterposes these approaches to the redevelopment of research in the tradition of the Soviet Marxist Lev Vygotsky and of Cultural Historical Activity Theory.

John Foster: British Twentieth Century History - Examines how far recent publications provide the basis for understanding twentieth century British history in terms of the relationship between classes – of exploiters and exploited, rulers and ruled.

Eric Rahim: The Two Souls of Thomas Picketty - An assessment of the empirical and theoretical validity of the work of Thomas Picketty – arguing that Picketty, despite the empirical importance of his work, accepts neo-classical explanations of inequality in terms of the supply and demand for labour and implicitly rejects Marx’s argument, as validated by Sraffa, that it is the collective bargaining strength of labour which is ultimately, in the wider politico-economic context, the determining factor.  

Mary Davis: ‘Women against Fundamentalism’, 2014 - The reviewer stresses the enduring significance of the work of this organisation founded in 1989

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  • Price (exc: postage): £5
  • Size: 210 x 296 mm
  • Number of pages: 30
  • Publisher: Marx Memorial Library & Workers' School
  • Publish Date: Tuesday, 01 April 2014

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