We have compiled a short bibliography of books and texts about the Russian Revolution. This is not an exhaustive list but an introduction to the subject, aimed at non-specialist readers as well those already familiar with the topic. The list, which inevitably reflects different perspectives on those momentous events, will be updated over time.

If you have any recommended texts you would like to see added, don't hesitate to contact us.

Eye Witness Reports

Ten Days that Shook the World, John Reed

From July to October, from “My Life”, Leon Trotsky

The October Days, from Krupskaya’s “Reminiscences of Lenin”

History of the Russian Revolution, Leon Trotsky

The Years of Revolution, from Alexandra Kollontai’s autobiography


 Contemporary accounts of the Russian Revolution

The Russian Revolution, Karl Kautsky November-December 1917

The Russian Revolution, Rosa Luxemburg 1918

Capitalist Europe and Socialist Russia , Morgan Philips Price November 1918

The Russian Revolution and the Soviet Government, Peter Kropotkin April 1919

Third Anniversary of the Russian Revolution, Georgi Dimitrov 3 November 1920

The Paths of the Russian Revolution, Karl Radek 1922

Lessons of October, Leon Trotsky 1924

Year One of the Russian Revolution, Victor Serge 1925-1928



‘Can We Write the History of the Russian Revolution’ in On History, London, 1997, pp.241-52, Eric Hobsbawm (The paper was first presented as the Isaac Deutscher Memorial Lecture at the London School Of Economics on December 3, 1996)

History of Soviet Russia, E H Carr (especially vols 1 to 3)

The Russian Revolution from Lenin to Stalin, 1917-1929, E. H. Carr (and see:

The Russian Revolution, Sheila Fitzpatrick

Rethinking the Russian Revolution, Edward Acton

History of the Russian Revolution, Trotsky (earlier writings will be easier to include than later ones)

The Russian Revolution, W.H.Chamberlin

A History of the U.S.S.R. , Andrew Rothstein

Lenin and the Russian Revolution, Christopher Hill


 Trade Unions and the Russian Revolution

Little Moscows: working-class politics in inter-war Britain (1980),  Stuart Macintyre

‘Red Strongholds Between the Wars’, Marxism Today, March, 1979,  S. Macintyre

Soldiers Strikes of 1919, Andrew Rothstein

The Scottish Miners, 1874-1939, vol. 2: trade unions and politics (2000), Alan Campbell

‘British Labour and Soviet Russia, 1920’, English Historical Review, 109, 432, 1994, Stephen White


 Political Works

Lenin, The State and Revolution, April Theses etc

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