With an image of the famous mural in the Marx Memorial Library reading room, painted by Jack Hastings in 1934

With an image of the famous mural in the Marx Memorial Library reading room

Combines the iconic image of Karl Marx with the logo of the Marx Memorial Library

Combines the iconic Karl Marx image and the Marx Memorial Libary logo

Folds to hold on to the page magnetically.  Marx Memorial Library logo on one size and iconic Karl Marx image on the other

Clips securely in place.  Metal with the Marx Memorial Library.

Sue to sickness the Capitalism, Crisis and Imperialism class to be held on 24 Oct 7pm will be postponed. Many apologies for the inconvenience

These banners were produced by the Hammersmith Aid Spain movement in support of the elected Spanish Republican government during the civil war 1936-39.  They aimed to raise funds and show support with the International Brigades.

The envelopes are in the colours of the Spanish 2nd Republic.  The cards are blank for your own message.

The cards are available individually or a boxed set of six - a great gift.

As part of its activities to commemorate and celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the Russian Revolution, the Marx Memorial Library is showing an exhibition of portraits taken by photographer Vaughan Melzer. Melzer has made it her task to take portrait photographs of men and women born between 1915 and 1950 who became dedicated Socialists in their youth and who have maintained that commitment throughout their lives, despite the decades of an inimical ideological climate and media silence.

IMG 8077
An example of one of Melzer's portraits: Jeremy Corbyn, MP

Melzer has created these portraits of people who formed their ideas in the wake of the First World War, the Big Depression, Hungry Thirties and the struggle against fascism, concluding in the Second World War. They are the often unsung heroes of the socialist movement, people who devoted their lives to justice, social equality and the dream of a socialist society. Vaughan's portraits reveal this turbulent history through the faces of those she has photographed. Her work constitutes a pantheon that acknowledges and celebrates the place in Twentieth Century history of this special group of human beings. Vaughan was particularly interested in what influenced them and how they came to their commitment and in brief accompanying biographies describes their fascinating and varied stories.

Portrait of political activist Nicola Seyd

The exhibition, entitled 'Those Who Never Gave Up: Their Hopes of a Socialist World Never Died', will be on display in the Marx Memorial Library from November 7 to December 14, 2017.

Lecture given by Professor Ben Fine on 31 August at Marx Memorial Library celebrating 150 years since the publication of Das Kapital.


ben fine 5 from Christopher Reeves on Vimeo.

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