• 1910

    Copenhagen Congress  Copenhagen Congress of 2nd International called for workers to oppose war
  • 1912

    Don’t Shoot  leaflet (Guy Bowman, Tom Mann, Fred Crowsley –all imprisoned)
  • 1914

    Industrial Peace 1914 (end of Aug) TUC and LP declared ‘industrial truce’, supported by Hyndman
  • 1914 Union of Democratic Control (UDC) formed

    Opposed the war from the start, as did Sylvia Pankhurst whose organisation, the East London
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Versailles Settlement

Massive strike wave due to government plans to extend dilution to non-war work and to abolish the trade card scheme whereby skilled craftsmen were exempted from military service. Strikes spread to 50 towns throughout Britain – mass arrests


Easter Rising in Ireland

Peace Crusade

Helen Crawford and others established the Women’ Peace Crusade


Following introduction of conscription, the No Conscription Fellowship was formed

Secret diplomacy

Sykes-Picot Agreement

Hyndman faction

Hyndman faction defeated by anti-war majority of British Socialist Party (BSP)

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